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02 - How to choose a path of Love & Light! - With Kathy Spence

Mar 22, 2020

Today we did the second episode of our live video series "How to choose a path of Love & Light" on Instagram.
In this episode we had our dear friend Kathy Spence Portrait join us to help spread love, light and positivity around the globe 

Kathy is sharing how she has shifted her photography business while she can not do shoots at this moment and how she is taking the time to be more with her family and what fun things that they can do together at home.

Kathy is a Brand Photographer from Toronto Canada you can find more about her here:

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Welcome to Conscious Monday- Monday meditation with me Ann-Marie

Jan 06, 2020

Welcome to Conscious Monday- Monday meditation with me Ann-Marie Christell from The Conscious Course.

My intention is to hold guided mediations for you once a week.

I’m here to hold a space for you, to remind you the importance with the connection with yourself and I’m going to guide you to take a moment for yourself take a breather for everything else and get in connection with yourself.

I have heard that people think it is hard to meditate and something I think that not many people do know is that there are so many different ways to meditate, something might work for you some things might not work for you so I’m here to let you go on a journey together with me to explore different meditations.

Join me live next Monday the same time and lets connect together. 

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A Holiday Gift

Dec 23, 2019

A Holiday Gift.
For many people Xmas and the holidays is the best part of the year and something that you are longing for all year, for me on the other hand it is one of the hardest times of the year for me. There are so many old, old painful stories around Xmas I have that it becomes a big issue for me each year, it is like a big painful bandaid that I rip off every year and so much comes up for me. I see it like I am releasing more and more pain that I have been carrying around from and early age.
So what is it that triggers me and so many others?
Why are we reacting the way that we do?
Why is it so hard to shift that old story that we carry around?
These are some of the questions that I have been asking myself the past few weeks.
Why can’t I just enjoy Xmas and the holidays as much as everyone else?
When I feel pain I see it as a teacher, what is the emotions that come up for me? What is it that I should learn, what is it with all the feelings that I’m...
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