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A Holiday Gift

Dec 23, 2019

A Holiday Gift.
For many people Xmas and the holidays is the best part of the year and something that you are longing for all year, for me on the other hand it is one of the hardest times of the year for me. There are so many old, old painful stories around Xmas I have that it becomes a big issue for me each year, it is like a big painful bandaid that I rip off every year and so much comes up for me. I see it like I am releasing more and more pain that I have been carrying around from and early age.
So what is it that triggers me and so many others?
Why are we reacting the way that we do?
Why is it so hard to shift that old story that we carry around?
These are some of the questions that I have been asking myself the past few weeks.
Why can’t I just enjoy Xmas and the holidays as much as everyone else?
When I feel pain I see it as a teacher, what is the emotions that come up for me? What is it that I should learn, what is it with all the feelings that I’m...
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Video 1 - How to offer products and services in a conscious way

Feb 13, 2019

Video 1 - How to offer products and services in a conscious way =)
Here are the links to the organizations we talk about in the video, that we've made donations to:
Bali -
India -
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Get to know us!

Feb 06, 2019

Today we did our very first live video on both instagram and facebook to share what we are about and what it is that we can help you with. 

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What is holding you back to create the life of your dreams?

Jun 30, 2018

Deep down in your heart you want to change, you want to take a leap into that dream that you’ve been carrying around for so long.

Maybe you’re waiting for the right moment or maybe you’re waiting for that shift to happen inside of you, so that you’ll give yourself permission to take a step in the direction that you want to take so deep down in your heart.

You want that freedom, you don’t want to work your 9-5 job anymore and you want to be your own boss and be able to decide when you feel that things need to be done instead of being told to.

We want to let you in on a secret, there is no right time to start!

No one is even going to give you that permission, that you were waiting for to happen, so you can take that step that you wanted to take.
It’s all up to you, it’s a step that you need to take and first of all you need to give yourself permission to take that big step out into the unknown.
You need to believe in yourself that ”this...

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Internet marketing for businesses with a physical location

May 05, 2018

You’ve been working really hard on building your business idea and struggled to get the final pieces in place. You’ve launched your company, but no one is coming to your store or is buying your services.

What happened?

These days we’re constantly bombarded with digital information via your smartphone, computer, tv and advertisement when your out walking in a city, on the radio etc.

We’re living with a constant digital noise.

Do you ever get the feeling that there was something you should’ve done but you can’t remember what it was?

This is because we’re being overloaded with so much information that we’re finding it difficult to concentrate and react to everything that’s coming our way.

What do you do to find the best wedding photographer close to were you’ve decided to get married?
We use Google to anything, a suggestion is to write “wedding photographer Bali” (if it’s were the wedding will be)


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